Audio-installation | concept 2017


”Polylogue“ is a participatory auditive device enabeling users to conduct a group conversation. For this purpose, participants are invited to step under a projected starry sky. Everyone gets equipped with a headset and a singlebutton console. While pushing the button, it is possible to ask and record a question, which is transmitted to other participants.

This process is visualized in the ”sky“, where suddenly a network appears between the stars connecting the inquirer with randomly selected fellows. (Later on, it is also possible to deliberately maintain a conversation with single participants.) Addressees can answer the question or refrain from doing so – all answers will be retransferred to the participants of this thread. As the signs in the sky represent the peoples’ constellation at the moment the question had been asked, one can only interpret these signs and identify conversation partners, if everyone stays on the spot. As soon as people start to move, they become anonymous.



06 November 2017


Art, Christina Zimmermann, Dominique Turzer